White Mulberry

Morus alba “fruitless”

  • Size:

    Height: 30-50'; Spread: 30-50'

  • Growth:


  • Character:

    Deciduous; broad, rounded canopy.

  • Foliage:

    6-8" green, palmately-lobed or oval lanceolate leaves. Pale undersides with serrated edges.

  • Flower:

    Greenish-yellow flowers in spring.

  • Fruit:


  • Bark:

    Furrowed, gray-brown.

  • Watering:

    In general, 15-20 gallons per week for the first 2 years; 15-20 gallons twice a month for the 3rd year; as needed after 3 years (varies by soil, sun, and wind conditions).

  • Tree Care:

    Moderate. Early pruning needed to train a good shape; pruning needed less frequently with age.

  • Tolerance:

    Drought (once established), any soil, some shade, and medium winds.

  • Special Considerations:

    Surface roots may spread in search of water

  • Notable Traits:

    Cultivar of fruiting white mulberry native to China. Can be pollarded.