Red-flowering Gum

Corymbia ficifolia

Corymbia ficifolia (Red-flowering Gum) - full view

Full view

Corymbia ficifolia (Red-flowering Gum) - leaves & flower

Foliage detail

  • Size:

    Height: 18-45'; Spread: 15-60'

  • Growth:


  • Character:

    Height: 18-45'; Spread: 15-60'

  • Foliage:

    Dark green, smooth, narrow leaves 3-7" long. 

  • Flower:

    Good display of either white, orange, pink or red flowers 1-1/2" across in clusters 3 to 18" bloom July - August and can bloom throughout the year. 

  • Fruit:

    Seed capsule shaped like a rounded urn persistent on tree after flower then dropping in quantity. 

  • Bark:

    Gray-brown to red, fibrous

  • Watering:

    In general, 15-20 gallons per week for the first 2 years; 15-20 gallons twice a month for the 3rd year; as needed after 3 years (varies by soil, sun, and wind conditions).

  • Tree Care:

    High. Early and continuous pruning will train a good shape and keep fast growth in check with root growth. Frequent sidewalk clean-up of rounded seed capsules, sticky flower drop. 

  • Tolerance:

    Drought (once established), sandy soils, gusty and cold winds. 

  • Special Considerations:

    Large tree to be planted in large park strips where trunk flare can expand without sidewalk damage and seed capsules can fall into the landscape plantings instead of on the sidewalk. Flower color remains a mystery until tree blooms. "Kino," a reddish-brown gummy substance formed by many Eucalyptus species, does flow from the trunk and large branches when the tree is stressed from insects, disease, or injury. 

  • Notable Traits:

    Native to Australia. Flowers are attractive along with the strong, wide trunk and the dense dark green canopy.