Tree Care On Your Own

Man holding a hose

Watering in the Mission, May 2007.

In this section of our website you’ll find tips on all aspects of tree care including soil, mulch and nutrition; watering; stakes, ties and fencing; sidewalk and basin care; pruning; and common problems and disorders.

Friends of the Urban Forest makes two tree care visits to each tree we plant during the first two years of its life. If you have a tree that was planted by FUF less than two years ago, and you believe it has a problem that needs urgent attention, please contact Allegra Mautner for advice or to arrange an appointment.  You can reach Allegra by phone at 415-268-0774 or by email with our contact form.

If you’d like professional assistance, consider using the services of a certified arborist.

Note: In most cases, a property owner in San Francisco is legally responsible for the care of the adjoining street tree and for keeping the surrounding sidewalk in good condition. In other cases, the Department of Public Works maintains the tree and sidewalk, as shown on this map.

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