Sidewalk Landscape (new)

Improve your block and meet your neighbors by installing a sidewalk garden with Friends of the Urban Forest! Sidewalk gardens beautify and improve neighborhoods, increase property values and reduce storm-water runoff, and when planted around street trees they increase the lifespan of the trees (see more benefits here).

26th and Shotwell before and after

26th and Shotwell Before and After

FUF coordinates community-based sidewalk garden projects throughout San Francisco. Our sidewalk garden installations are much like our tree plantings; volunteers and neighbors come out on a Saturday for a neighborhood planting. The sidewalk garden projects cover a smaller area, usually one block, and the installation occurs over 3 days, ending with the planting and potluck on a Saturday.

Precita sidewalk garden

Sidewalk Garden on Precita Ave.

When FUF manages a sidewalk garden project, we do all this:

  • Secure funding to subsidize much of the garden costs for an entire block
  • Review the sidewalk to determine the best garden location based on city requirements and underground utilities
  • Complete the Sidewalk Landscape permit drawings and act as a liaison to Public Works, meeting with an inspector to review each garden and ensures that each property has an approved Sidewalk Landscape Permit
  • Design each garden, including materials and plant selection
  • Coordinate removal of concrete, installation of pavers and the delivery of materials, including soil amendment, mulch, plants and trees
  • Supervise the garden installation workdays and ensures that all gardens are completed based on their permit drawings.

Typical FUF Sidewalk Gardens

A typical FUF garden includes California native and drought tolerant plants, permeable pavers, stone edging and bark mulch, as shown in the photo below.

Typical FUF garden

Typical FUF sidewalk garden elements

  1. The city requires a 6′ pedestrian path of travel that is a straight line from one corner of the block to the other.
  2. Where there is room, we can install sidewalk gardens on both sides of the sidewalk, along the curb and along the building.
  3. Gardens that are longer than 18′ (one car length) are required to have a 4′ walk-through from the curb to the sidewalk. Typically we remove the concrete here and install permeable pavers.
  4. Courtesy strip along the curb for passengers exiting parked cars. Typically we remove the concrete here and install permeable pavers.
  5. Raised edging on the sides of the garden perpendicular to the curb. This provides a vertical element that signals to pedestrians who are using a seeing-eye can the edge of the garden. Recently we’ve been using stone, installed vertically, to provide the raised edging.

Organize Sidewalk Gardens on your Block

FUF volunteers

FUF volunteers planting on Lisbon Street, 2012

FUF installs community-based sidewalk garden projects, transforming an entire block, not single properties. We rely on Block Captains and outreach volunteers to get the word out and encourage other property owners to participate in project. A Block Captain assists FUF with organizing a sidewalk garden project by being the link to the community and the “boots on the street”. Organizing tasks include distributing information and forms to properties on the block, collecting forms and assisting with scheduling the community meeting and other aspects of the sidewalk garden installation. FUF can provide canvassing materials to distribute and can suggest methods for successfully organizing. 

Once a block has a Block Captain and a minimum of 10 properties interested in participating and FUF has secured funding to subsidize the cost of the installation, FUF will schedule the installation date, hold a community meeting to begin the planning and assist the Block Captain with canvassing the block.

FUF Sidewalk Garden Costs

FUF organizes community based sidewalk garden projects that are subsidized by grants, making if affordable for property owners. Funding covers much of the cost of concrete removal, garden materials, plants and staff time.  Without a subsidy an average San Francisco sidewalk garden can cost about $1,500, depending on the materials that are used.

FUF Sidewalk Garden Cost per property:

  1. The Public Works Sidewalk Landscape Permit: $211- 284 (price depends on the number of properties participating)
  2. FUF Sidewalk Garden Installation Fee: $350 per property
  3. FUF Street Tree (if desired): FREE!

Installing a Sidewalk Garden on your Own

Public Works is making it easier for property owners to install sidewalk gardens on their own. You can get more information on their website, including videos, permit drawing and garden requirements,  plant suggestions and cost estimates. The Public Works Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF) is the agency that processes the Sidewalk Landscape Permits and an inspector will review your permit application and inspect the location before and after the sidewalk garden is installed.

For questions regarding sidewalk landscape guidelines and requirements, you can contact BUF at(415) 554-6700.

Current Projects

In 2013 FUF is partnering with the the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to launch The Sidewalk Garden Project, an urban watershed stewardship program in the Channel and Islais Creek watersheds. You can get more information here.

FUF is always seeking additional funding to limit the cost to property owners that who live in other areas of San Francisco. Check back regularly for information about new funding and sidewalk garden opportunities.

Questions? Contact Caitlin by phone at 415-415-268-0772 or by email with our contact form.

Interested in volunteering to plant sidewalk gardens? See our Volunteer page to find out how you can help.