FUF BioBlitz of all Sidewalk Landscapes 2015

We need your help!*

FUF wants to gather data on the lovely little critters that visit your garden on a regular basis. We would appreciate your participation in our ongoing BioBlitz of each garden project!

The sidewalk landscaping crew here at FUF has been chosen to speak at this year’s conference of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture in Yosemite National Park. We will be exploring how our gardens are contributing to wildlife diversity and distribution in the city and how we can improve our habitat development for native species. Your observations will help us out a lot during this process!

What’s a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is an attempt to survey and record all living species within a designated area. Usually these events take place during a solid 24 hour period, but we would like to open up the survey to be an ongoing, ~2 month recording of species in each individual garden.
Women share sidewalk gardening activities with a young girl.
Start Date: ASAP!

End Date: March 31, 2015

What you will need to do

  • Sign up on iNaturalist here and download their (FREE) smartphone app.
  • Search for ‘FUF BioBlitz- All Gardens’ to join our project! Visit the project page here.
  • Start snapping pictures of critters with your phone! If you do not know what you are observing, click ‘yes’ on the ‘Need ID Help?’ tab.
  • MAKE SURE to add all your observations to the ‘FUF BioBlitz- All Gardens’ project
  • No smart phone? Just upload pictures taken from a camera to your account on a computer.

Guidelines for the Budding Naturalist- How to Survey

Taking an identifiable photograph is the most important part of the bioblitz. If you have no idea what you are photographing, don’t worry! iNaturalist has a wonderful community of dedicated naturalists to assist you with identification.


  • Please only use your own photographs for your observations. This serves as proof of your encounter with the species.
  • Get as close as possible to the subject. Fill up the frame of your camera with its body.
  • Take multiple photos, especially of any distinguishing features. Each observation on iNaturalist can have multiple photos.
  • Be patient and quiet. Many insects and birds will be scared off by fast movement and noise.

We are looking for all plants, animals (wild), and insects. Snap photos of them all; organisms as small as flies or mites are even of great interest! There are certain times of day that may offer more observations depending on the type of wildlife.

  • Birds: Early morning just as the sun is rising and the city is warming. Late evening can also be an active time for birds.
    • If you cannot see the bird you can add its sounds instead! You will need a SoundCloud account in order to link up with iNaturalist and upload sounds.
  • Insects: During the warmest part of the day, but can vary widely according to species. Look under leaves and other surfaces- they can hide!

Please contact Madalyn Watkins with any questions.

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* If you’d also like to participate in our neighborhood-specific BioBlitz days please click the links below:

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