FUF Neighborhood Planting Map

We maintain a web page for each neighborhood, which shows the status of our plans for the next planting there.  Click your neighborhood in the map below to get a link to its page.

Our upcoming planting schedule is:

1/26/18 — Friday Tree Delivery | Outer Sunset
1/27/18 — Planting Support | Outer Sunset
1/27/18 — Tree Planting | Outer Sunset
2/9/18 — Friday Tree Delivery | Bernal Heights
2/10/18 — Planting Support | Bernal Heights
2/10/18 — Tree Planting | Bernal Heights
2/23/18 — Friday Tree Delivery | Outer Richmond
2/24/18 — Planting Support | Outer Richmond
2/24/18 — Tree Planting | Outer Richmond

View FUF Neighborhood Planting Areas in a larger map

If you want a tree, sign up here.

We’re always trying to build interest in greening each neighborhood, but sometimes it takes a while before enough people sign up. You can speed that process along by becoming a neighborhood organizer. To find out more, please contact Jasmine by phone at 415-268-0773 or by email with our contact form.

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