Free Trees for SF

We’re fully funded to bring large tree plantings to your neighborhood.

  • Sign up to request a tree so we can find out your preference of tree species
  • Take the opportunity to opt out of the upcoming tree planting prior to the deadline

“What if there’s already an empty tree basin adjacent to my property?”

You’re required to plant a tree in the basin unless it doesn’t comply with city code (if you’re unsure, we can advise you). Take this opportunity to get a new tree with FUF and choose the species. Click here to request a new tree for your empty basin, or click here to learn more about our process for planting “replacement” trees in empty basins.

Upcoming Planting Dates and Neighborhoods

10/21/17 — Tree Planting | Dogpatch
10/27/17 — Friday Tree Delivery | Portola
10/28/17 — Tree Planting | Portola 3
11/3/17 — Friday Tree Delivery | Vis Valley
11/4/17 — Tree Planting | Vis Valley
11/17/17 — Friday Tree Delivery | Bayview
11/18/17 — Tree Planting | Bayview
12/1/17 — Friday Tree Delivery | Mission 1
12/2/17 — Tree Planting | Mission 1

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Do not plant a tree

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Click on THE MAP BELOW to find out more about your neighborhood planting:

 What does the tree planting program include?


  • A tree is planted at no cost to the property owner
  • Concrete cutting and removal is included
  • You can choose the tree species from a menu
  • The tree receives tree pruning visits from FUF and the City
  • Property owners are not responsible for repairing sidewalk damage caused by trees (the City is)
  • Property owners are not liable for trip and fall lawsuits resulting from tree-related sidewalk damage (the City is)
  • After the tree is planted, if you think it has problems, you can contact FUF for advice or to request that we examine it

Are property owners responsible for sidewalk damage?

No — property owners are not responsible for repairing (or paying for) tree-related sidewalk damage. Read about the new City policies:

Cars that park on the sidewalk and weak pipes can also cause sidewalk damage. These are damages unrelated to and unaffected by trees.

San Francisco reclaims upkeep of street trees

But, I don’t want a tree! I did not ask for one.

At this time, you may opt out of having a street tree planted adjacent to your property. However, in the future the City may plant a street tree in that location in order to meet the City’s goals of increasing the urban canopy and improving the city’s “green infrastructure.”

Because the sidewalk is a public right-of-way, the City has authorized Friends of the Urban Forest to mark and cut the sidewalk and plant street trees.

Why should we have street trees?

Street trees provide you, your neighbors, and all San Franciscans with many benefits:

We planted 50 trees with neighbors of Woolsey Street in Portola on July 29, 2017.

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