Free trees for San Francisco


Friends of the Urban Forest makes it easy for San Franciscans to get new trees near their property.

Want a new tree? Click here to request one! 

Have questions? Drop us an email or give us a ring at 415-268-0772.

Upcoming Community Plantings

Neighborhood Planting Date Request Deadline Neighborhood Page
Excelsior April 20 March 9
Portola April 27 March 16
Outer Richmond May 18 March 30
Excelsior June 15 May 5 coming soon!
Bayview June 29 May 19

What does the community tree planting program include?

  • Your tree is planted at no cost to you (including concrete removal).
  • You can choose your tree from a list of city-approved options.
  • You can be part of the process: help plant your tree and work with your neighbors to determine the future look and feel of your neighborhood.
  • StreetTreeSF is responsible for pruning mature street trees and repairing tree-related sidewalk damage. Click here for details.

Why should I request a street tree?

Street trees provide you, your neighbors, and all San Franciscans with many benefits:

What if there’s already an empty tree basin adjacent to my property?

You’re required to plant a tree in the basin unless it doesn’t comply with city code (if you’re unsure, we can advise you). Take this opportunity to get a new tree with FUF and choose the species. Click here to request a new tree for your empty basin, or click here to learn more about our process for planting “replacement” trees in empty basins.