Early Tree Care


Did we recently visit your tree?

Please fill out our Tree Care Survey to provide us with feedback. If you would like more information about your tree, please contact us at (415) 268-0775 or at our contact page.

Friends of The Urban Forest Tree Care

Our staff and volunteer teams visit each tree at least four times during the critical first five years after it’s planted. The teams assess the health of the tree, ensure that its supporting stakes and ties are sound, and prune it as needed.

We ask for a recommended donation of $50 for one through three year visits and $75 for fifth year visits.

Would you like to be a member of the FUF Tree Care crew? See our Volunteer page to find out how.

Tree Care Hotline/Emergency Tree Care

Throughout the life of the tree, we provide a source of advice and referrals. Property owners can contract with us for emergency visits up to the five-year anniversary of planting. See tree emergency tips and how to prevent young tree emergencies here.

If would like to schedule an emergency tree care visit or have a general tree question, please contact us at (415) 268-0775 or at our contact page.

Tree care on your own

We have tips on all aspects of tree care including soil and mulch, watering, hardware maintenance, sidewalk and basin care, pruning, and common pests and diseases.

Although we only care for trees under five-years-old, we have arborist recommendations for work on older trees.

Do not “top” your tree. Topping occurs when someone cuts back a tree so severely that it look like a hat rack. Topping is also illegal in San Francisco, and is punishable by a fine of at least $1,800 (Article 16, Sec. 811 of the Public Works Code). Street trees are a public asset, and belong to all San Franciscans. Click here for more information on tree topping.

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