Corporate Workdays

FUF coordinates volunteer workdays for corporate groups of between 10 and 30 people. These workdays are a fun opportunity for groups to engage in team-building and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility goals while benefiting the environment.

Our weekday opportunities for Corporate Workdays happen in conjunction with the installation of Sidewalk Gardens, which typically run from Thursday through Saturday about once a month (9am-1pm). You can choose which day works best for your team.

We have more frequent opportunities for Corporate Workdays on Saturdays in conjunction with Neighborhood Tree Plantings, which happen twice a month.  These events run from 9am-1pm and we provide coffee/pastries in the morning. Note: we usually need to break groups up into mini-groups of about 4-5 people for Tree Plantings.

Check our Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming events.

A small donation for all corporate volunteer planting events is requested so we may continue this important greening work for the San Francisco community.

Desire to uplevel your volunteer impact? Learn about our sponsorship opportunities here!

To organize your volunteer group, please contact Atalanta by phone at 415-268-0772 or by email with our contact form.