Community Outreach

Girls next to street tree

Members of the Pacific Rowing Club canvassed the Sunset neighborhood in June, 2012.

Our Community Outreach program provides property owners with information about how to get street trees and sidewalk gardens from FUF.  We spread the word that it’s easy and cheap to make their blocks greener — most of the costs are already covered by grants and donations!

Are you a people person?  Join our volunteer Community Outreach crew by filling out our Volunteer form.

When we find residents who are well-connected in their neighborhoods, we enlist them as Neighborhood Organizers.  We train and equip these Neighborhood Organizers to use a variety of outreach channels to mobilize their neighbors to participate in the plantings.

Interested in becoming a Neighborhood Organizer? Contact Atalanta by phone at 415-525-8388 or by email using our Contact Us form.