Green Christmas Trees

Girl beside decorated holiday tree “Green” your holiday celebrations by adopting a future street tree!

In partnership with the San Francisco Department of the Environment, FUF offers living, potted Christmas trees in November and December each year. For a tax-deductible $75 donation, you get a beautiful, four-to-six-foot-tall, non-traditional tree to bring home for decoration and enjoyment.  Return the tree to us after the holidays (or have us pick it up at your home), and we’ll use it in our Neighborhood Tree Planting program.

Mother and daughter decorating a living, potted holiday treeOur Green Christmas Trees are better for the environment than traditional dead trees.  They reduce waste and post-holiday litter — and once they’re planted on the streets of San Francisco, they’ll provide benefits for generations. We offer species that are popular choices for beautifying the streets of San Francisco, such as Primrose, Fern Pine, Japanese Blueberry, Small Leaf Tristania, and Catalina Ironwood.

Tree Pick-Up and Return

In November we host a Green Christmas Tree lot, where you can browse our trees, make decorations, and enjoy refreshments (we publicize the date via social media and email). If you miss it, you can pick up a tree at our offices in the Presidio on any weekday between 9am and 5pm while supplies last.

Returning your tree is easy! You can drop it off at our offices after the holiday season is over or, for a small fee, we’ll come to your house to retrieve it.

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Questions about the program? Contact Mei Ling Hui, SF Environment at 415-355-3731 or

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