Community Engagement & Education

Our community engagement and education programs and services help San Franciscans get more involved in their urban forest.

Community Outreach

We tell property owners how to get street trees and sidewalk gardens from FUF, and we enlist them as Neighborhood Organizers for upcoming plantings. (more…)


Corporate Workdays

FUF provides corporate groups with a healthy opportunity for team-building and social responsibility. We train and lead them in greening activities. (more…)

Urban Forest Map

The Urban Forest Map is an interactive online catalogue of San Francisco’s trees that enables users to enter or browse information about the trees’ location, species, size, health and other features. (more…)

Green Christmas Trees

FUF offers temporary rentals of living, potted trees as an environmentally-friendlier option for the year-end holidays. (more…)

Green Teens

We provide at-risk youth ages 14-19 with paid urban forestry skills training, which prepares them for the “green” jobs market. (more…)

Green Crew

Green Crew members come to FUF through the San Francisco Wraparound Project, which helps young survivors of violence. While employed at FUF they learn our urban greening model. (more…)

Tree Tours

FUF hosts free walking tours of the diverse, beautiful and interesting trees of San Francisco, led by arborists, historians and landscape architects. (more…)

A woman lecturing to a group indoors

FUF planting manager Heidi Lakics leads a class on tree species identification, March 2008.

Community Forester Training

FUF trains people in tree identification, principles of tree planting, tree biology and pruning, and disease and pest management. (more…)

Pruning Workshops

FUF leads free, hands-on workshops in the purposes and proper techniques of pruning. (more…)

Interested in volunteering? See our Volunteer page to find out how you can help.