Potrero Hill Community Planting Area

Trees in Portola

Potrero Hill streets could look like this.

You may get a FREE TREE next to your property on October 28.

CLICK HERE to respond with your interest. Response window CLOSES September 15, 2017.


To volunteer the day of the tree planting please sign-up by following the link below:

            October 28th – RSVP HERE


  • Trees are free for you
  • FUF will prune your tree for the first 5 years; after that the City will prune it
  • You can choose your tree species from a menu
  • The city will take over watering of your tree

Why am I getting a free tree?

Thanks to new city tree care policies, FUF is funded to bring new trees to select neighborhoods. We are working with local neighborhood groups, homeowners, and corridor ambassadors to plant as many trees as possible to provide public health and traffic calming benefits.

Am I responsible for the tree?

San Francisco’s tree care policies have improved. The City of San Francisco will maintain all street trees, repair all tree-related sidewalk damage in the public right-of-way, and assume liability for harm to people or property caused by neglect of such maintenance or repairs. You should keep your tree watered so that it can stay healthy and reach maturity.

What you should do? Join us at our community meetings coming up and contact us!


Our community meetings are TO BE SCHEDULED. If you have questions and would like to stay informed, call us at 415-268-0772 or email info@fuf.net.

You may start to notice chalk markings on sidewalks where trees would go.

We celebrate all our plantings with volunteers and neighbors by organizing a potluck at each event!











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