Portola Community Planting

We have a community planting scheduled

Plant a FUF T (1)

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You can scan the forms to info@fuf.net or mail the forms to our address:

1007 General Kennedy Avenue Suite 1, Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129

If you want to choose your tree species, take a look at the Portola Species List.  This is a matrix of tree species that are suitable for specific sites based on street orientation (which corresponds to wind exposure – east-west streets get more wind), presence of overhead utility lines, and sidewalk width.

  • Is your tree on an east-west street?
  • Are there overhead high voltage wires above your sidewalk?
  • Is your sidewalk wide enough to accommodate a larger or more spreading tree?

Have questions?  Email info@fuf.net to connect with one of our certified arborists who can help you pick out a tree that’s right for you.

You may start to notice chalk markings on sidewalks where trees would go.

We celebrate all our plantings with volunteers and neighbors by organizing a potluck at each event!

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