Inner Richmond Community Planting

We have a community planting scheduled

March 17, 2018!

***Forms Deadline is February 7, 2018***

Plant a FUF T (1)

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Inner Richmond/USF-NOPA Planting Area:

Inner Richmond/USF NOPA March Planting

Inner Richmond/USF NOPA March Planting


Request Deadline: February 7, 2018 (click the link above to request a tree)

Planting Date: March 17, 2018 with community members and volunteers


Site inspections, final markings, tree selection, and concrete removal will be conducted 2 weeks leading up to the planting date. If you do not hear from FUF, please contact us directly at or call 415-268-0772.

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How does the planting process work?
In collaboration with neighborhood residents, we organize a tree planting in each neighborhood about once every 18 months.  On planting day, FUF staff, volunteers and residents plant trees for everyone in that neighborhood who wants one. We celebrate with a potluck lunch afterwards!

Why should I plant a FUF tree at my property? 
Trees provide benefits such as cleaning the air, preventing flooding, and raising your property value. FUF is a nonprofit that has planted more than 50,000 trees during 1,000 +community plantings in SF.

Want to choose your tree?

Email to connect with one of our certified arborists who can help you pick out a tree that’s right for you.