Inner Richmond Community Planting

Inner Richmond

We have a community planting scheduled for October 1st, 2016!

What do I need to do to get a tree?
FUF aims to make it easy and affordable for you to get a street tree in San Francisco. We usually subsidize about 75% of the costs and handle most of the logistics. You only need to sign our two forms and we will take it from there. This year,  you only need to select your co-pay, sliding scale from $135-$500 (your choice) and we’ll plant a tree with you in the sidewalk in front of your home AND come back for 3-years of follow-up care.

***Forms Deadline is 8/17/2016***

How does the planting process work?
In collaboration with neighborhood residents, we organize a tree planting in each neighborhood about once every 18 months.  On planting day, FUF staff, volunteers and residents plant trees for everyone in that neighborhood who wants one. We celebrate with a potluck lunch afterwards!

Why should I plant a FUF tree at my property? 
Trees provide benefits such as cleaning the air, preventing flooding, and raising your property value. FUF is a nonprofit that has planted more than 47,000 trees during 1,000 +community plantings in SF.

To get a tree in this planting, sign up here

To contribute to the cost of this planting, donate here

To volunteer at this planting, sign up here

The FUF  Planting Timetable

The lead-up to FUF plantings has 3 distinct phases:

*Phase 1:  Community Outreach Phase  (July 19th)
The first phase of a FUF planting is to get as many neighbors as possible to sign up for a tree.

Event: Community Outreach Happy Hour! RSVP to
When: July 19th Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Where: Anza and 7th, Innter Richmond – RSVP for specific details
What: Learn how to reach out to your neighbors to get more of them signed up!

With any questions during the Outreach Phase, please contact:
Jasmine Lim,

*Phase 2:  Arborist Phase (Aug 24 – Oct 1)
The second phase of a FUF planting is preparing the neighbors who want a tree — and their properties — for the planting.

Event: Arborist Community Meeting
Who: Homeowners planting a tree – Are you interested in hosting? Please contact us!
What: Learn about the logistics for Planting Day and the tree species that are best suited for your neighborhood.

With any questions during the Arborist Phase, please contact:
Planting Manager Mike Yarrak

*Phase 3: Planting Day — Oct 1!
The third phase of a FUF planting is Planting Day. Everyone gets a chance to plant their own tree as a part of our super fun Community Plantings. We will all meet up and we break into planting teams for the morning before reconvening at a neighborhood potluck around noon. Mark your calender’s!

Event: Planting Day!
When: 10/1/2016 at 8 am (8 am for those getting a tree, 9 am for other volunteers)
Morning meeting location: TBD. Contact above Planting Manager for details
Potluck location: TBD
What/How: Join us in planting the trees! No experience needed — we’ll supply tools and guidance. Wear work clothes and bring water to stay hydrated.  We will provide coffee and pastries in the morning and afterwards the home owners provide the potluck to the volunteers!


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