A group of people holding shovels

Stanford students volunteering to plant trees in the Mission

Friends of the Urban Forest welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities (no previous experience is necessary).

Spend a single Saturday morning with us, or join our star crew of frequent volunteers — either way we’ll make it easy for you, and you’ll learn something about urban forestry too.

We list all our events on our Events Calendar, where you can RSVP to participate.

Here are a few upcoming volunteer opportunities:

6/20/19 — Sidewalk Landscaping (Thursday – Saturday) | Lower Haight
6/28/19 — Friday Tree Delivery | Bayview
6/29/19 — Planting Support | Bayview
6/29/19 — Tree Planting | Bayview
7/11/19 — Sidewalk Landscaping (Thursday – Saturday) | Lower Haight 2
7/18/19 — Neighborhood Organizer Training

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Questions?  Please call Atalanta at 415-268-0772 or write your questions in the “Comments and Questions” box at bottom.

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