About Doug Wildman, Program Director

Doug Wildman is a landscape architect and an ISA-certified arborist.

Meet new members of the planting team

Friends of the Urban Forest has recently added a couple of new employees to our planting team. Madalyn Watkins, our new Sidewalk Landscape Planting Manager, initially joined us as an intern in June when she moved to San Francisco.  Previously she worked as an agro-forestry volunteer for Heifer International, planted school orchards and street trees… read more »

San Francisco’s top ten street trees

The #1 street tree in San Francisco is the Brisbane Box (scientific name: Lophostemon confertus).  We’re got 6.449 of ’em, to be exact. We recently collaborated with our friends at the City’s Bureau of Urban Forestry to come up with a list of the city’s top ten street trees.  The list will appear in the… read more »