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Festive outdoor gathering

Staff and volunteers enjoyed entertainment, food, games and more at the FUF-tival, held outside our Presidio office in September 2011.

Friends of the Urban Forest is located in buildings 1007 and 1008 of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability, between Lincoln Boulevard and Edie Road, in the Presidio, San Francisco, California. Our main visitor entrance is in Building 1007.

Driving directions:

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  1. Take Lombard Street, heading west (toward the Golden Gate Bridge). Stay in the left turn lane to enter the Presidio through the Lombard Gate.
  2. At the three-way stop sign, turn right onto Presidio Boulevard.
  3. Presidio Boulevard. turns into Lincoln Boulevard; continue on Lincoln, pass the Thoreau Center for Sustainability on the right.
  4. Turn right onto Girard Road, which veers to the right and turns into Edie Road.
  5. Park in the parking lot on the right.

FUF’s main office (Building 1007) faces Edie Road. Look for a two-story metal accessible ramp attached to the northwest corner of the building; follow the sidewalk going underneath the ramp to FUF’s office door. FUF’s second office (Building 1008) is behind Building 1007; enter at ground level on General Kennedy Ave.

Public transportation:

MUNI bus line #43 stops at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability.
MUNI bus lines #41 and #45 stop at the Lombard Gate.

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