Board of Directors

Doug CaseDoug Case

Committee on Directors Chair
Neighborhood: Noe Valley
Doug joined FUF for his first tree planting in the early 90’s and has been a fan ever since.  He has been with Wells Fargo for 15 years and currently leads the strategic direction of the Small Business Segment.  Having received his BS from University of Tennessee, where there is plenty of green, he believes there is a great value in the trees and foliage of San Francisco and enjoys helping bring the FUF vision to life. In addition to his work with FUF, he serves on the community advisory board for the AIDS Health Project. See Doug’s LinkedIn profile.

Patricia Delgado

Neighborhood: Mission District
Patricia moved north from Southern California in 1973. She worked as a legal secretary for 20 years, then in the hospitality industry, including time on the sales staff at The Palace Hotel. Her open space advocacy started in 1999 when a San Francisco Recreation and Park Project Manager asked her to be a community advisor for a new park, which became Parque Ninos Unidos. She continues working with other community members to ensure this and other Mission District parks are clean and green. Now she welcomes the opportunity to help FUF enlarge and maintain our City’s urban forest for all to enjoy.

Gina FalsettoGina Falsetto

Neighborhood: Buena Vista Heights
Gina Falsetto has experience in business development, project management, client service, and corporate communications. She currently serves as Manager of Real Estate at SFMade. Previously she was Senior Vice President and Director at Callan Associates, a financial consulting firm, and before that she was on the sales and marketing team at ShareData. She holds a BA in International Relations from the University of California at Davis. Gina regards trees as magical because of all they do: clean the air, filter water, reduce crime, save energy, provide oxygen, and increase home value — and they’re beautiful to look at. See Gina’s LinkedIn profile.

John FlynnJohn Flynn

Neighborhood: Cow Hollow/Pacific Heights
John is a member of the software and media investment team at TPG where he is a director of RCN Communications, Eze Software and a board observer of Greensky Credit. He’s also a Director of the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. John and his wife Alix moved to San Francisco from London in 2015. They loved the greenery and parks in London, and lamented the relative lack of trees in San Francisco. John discovered FUF while arranging to have a tree planted in front of his home, and joined the board in 2017 to help accelerate the pace of tree planting across San Francisco. He believes that enhanced tree cover helps create a cleaner, safer, more kid-friendly, and generally happier community.

Sean FlynnSean Flynn

Operations and Finance Committee Chair
Neighborhood: St. Francis Wood
Sean joined FUF’s board in 2014. He is currently a partner with Shasta Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park. As a long-time resident of San Francisco and an outdoor enthusiast, Sean was naturally drawn to FUF and its mission. He is proud of the city he calls home, but is saddened that it is a laggard when it comes to its urban canopy. By joining the FUF board, he hopes to draw support to the cause from other people in the San Francisco technology ecosystem to help make a difference. See Sean’s LinkedIn profile.

Alexander Hobbs

Neighborhood: Portola
Alex is an Interior Architectural Designer. He’s passionate about his neighborhood, which was designated as San Francisco’s Garden District. He and his partner Johnnie moved to the Portola in 2014 and fell in love with the community, history and sunny weather. Alex is also the Board Chair for the Portola Neighborhood Association, a position that enables him to focus on his passion of greening and bringing art to the community. In 2018, Alex accepted the sixth annual “Most Greenified Block” from Friends of the Urban Forest on behalf of the work he and fellow Portola neighborhood residents did to make Silliman and Woolsey streets greener. See Alex’s LinkedIn profile.

Minnie IngersollMinnie Ingersoll

Neighborhood: Castro
Minnie’s career has focused on civic engagement — with government, community and the environment. She is currently COO at Code for America because she believes that everyone deserves access to basic human services like food, jobs and justice. In her spare time she volunteers for the city of San Francisco, surfs baby waves, and raises baby people. Minnie got involved with FUF after a lovely sidewalk garden planting brought her neighborhood closer together. She loves San Francisco and believes trees make it beautiful, healthy and happy. See Minnie’s LinkedIn profile.

Noah GoldbergNoah Goldberg

Board Chair
Neighborhood: Glen Park
Noah is an operations executive. He previously worked for StubHub, which he helped scale from an early-stage startup to billions in annual sales.  Noah loves all manner of outdoor activities, particularly running, cycling, back country skiing, surfing, and rock climbing. He became a FUF board member because of his love for the outdoors and a desire to make meaningful contributions on environmental issues at a local level. He hopes that the urban forest makes it much more compelling for all of us to get outside, walk around, and enjoy our communities. See Noah’s LinkedIn profile.

Kent JonasKent Jonas

Neighborhood: Lower Pacific Heights
Kent has lived and practiced law in San Francisco for more than 40 years.  He thinks that while the city is obviously a great place to be, one thing that can be improved is how it hits your senses when you walk out the door.  He has lived in different parts of the city, and has always felt better somewhere with trees.  Kent also feels that the city government has not done as much as it should to prioritize tree planting and maintenance, and that an organization like FUF is essential to make up the shortfall.  He is delighted to serve on the Board.

Dawn KamalanathanDawn Kamalanathan

Vice Chair
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
As the Director of Planning and Capital Management for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, Dawn is responsible for the delivery of more than $300 million in capital improvements across San Francisco’s 220 parks and 3,000+ acres.  She has developed innovative stakeholder engagement strategies to build consensus and support for park projects; she joined FUF to achieve the same for the city’s urban forest.  She has lived in the Bay Area since 1998, and worked for the City of San Francisco since 2002.  She has a Master’s in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. See Dawn’s LinkedIn profile.

Kerry LangeKerry Lange

Neighborhood: SOMA
Prior to arriving in San Francisco in 1998, Kerry lived in a tree-filled community in Southern California where she enjoyed a lot of outdoor time while getting her degree in environmental studies.  Since she pursued a career in marketing instead of joining Greenpeace, she was excited to reignite her passion for the environment by joining FUF in 2012.  Kerry thinks trees make people happy and there aren’t enough of them in San Francisco, so she puts her marketing skills to good use by creating advocates for new and better urban forest policy and encouraging volunteers to plant trees and sidewalk gardens. See Kerry’s LinkedIn profile.

Sarah Penndorf

Lives in: Oakland
Sarah is a sustainability expert with 15+ years working in consulting, nonprofit, and startup environments. She helps the largest companies in the world use business as a force for good, reducing their carbon footprint through strategic near and short-term plans. Sarah joined the FUF board because she has long loved being outside, in both wild and urban places. She holds a BA in Environmental Science from Connecticut College and an MA in Environmental Studies (a self-designed concentration in corporate strategy) from Brown University. See Sarah’s LinkedIn profile.

Dave SteerDave Steer

Neighborhood: Clarendon Heights
Dave joined the FUF Board in 2016 because of the importance of growing and protecting the urban forest in a time of climate change. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts — nicknamed “The Garden City” — and sees trees as the symbol of a healthy community. He graduated with a BA from the University of Vermont, where he studied Political Science and Environmental Studies. Dave has worked at the intersection of public policy, advocacy, and communications for some of the most well-recognized brands in the technology industry. He is currently the Head of Global Product Marketing for Trust, Safety, and Identity at Twitter.  See Dave’s LinkedIn profile.