Marina / Pacific Heights Community Planting

Marina and Pacific Heights Community Tree Planting November 10, 2018

FUF and San Francisco’s Department of Public Works are planting free street trees in Pacific Heights and the Marina. Sign up for a tree and help support this community greening event. Tree request deadline: Friday, October 6, 2018

Click here to sign up for a tree by Friday, October 6

Click here to plant trees  with us on Saturday, November 10

Print this flyer to let your neighbors know about this opportunity

Click here to contribute to the cost of the planting                                                                 


  • The tree will be planted at no cost to you
  • You can choose your tree from a list of city-approved options
  • We provide a water bag – you simply fill it once a week
  • StreetTreeSF is responsible for pruning mature street trees and repairing tree-related sidewalk damage. See details at




How does the planting process work? In collaboration with neighborhood residents, we organize tree planting events in San Francisco.  On planting day, FUF staff, volunteers and residents plant trees for everyone in that community who wants one. We celebrate with a potluck lunch afterwards!

Why should I plant a FUF tree at my property? Trees provide benefits such as cleaning the air, improving mood, preventing flooding, and decreasing crime. FUF is a nonprofit that has planted more than 60,000 trees during 1,000 +community plantings in SF.

More questions?  Email or call 415.268.0772