San Francisco’s top ten street trees

Brisbane Box

A Brisbane Box tree

The #1 street tree in San Francisco is the Brisbane Box (scientific name: Lophostemon confertus).  We’re got 6.449 of ’em, to be exact.

We recently collaborated with our friends at the City’s Bureau of Urban Forestry to come up with a list of the city’s top ten street trees.  The list will appear in the Urban Forest Master Plan, which is due for release by the City’s Planning Department later this year.

But we can offer you the first look right here.  If you live or work in San Francisco, or have spent time here, no doubt you’re familiar with these trees, even if you don’t know their names:

rankquantityscientific namecommon name(s)
16,449Lophostemon confertusBrisbane Box
24,889Platanus x hispanicaSycamore, London Plane, others
34,193Metrosideros excelsaNew Zealand Christmas Tree
43,873Tristaniopsis laurinaSwamp Myrtle, Small-leaf Tristania
53,696Prunus serrulataOrnamental Cherry, Kwanzan Flowering Cherry, others
63,281Arbutus 'Marina'Strawberry Tree
73,247Prunus cerasiferaCherry Plum, Purple Leaf Plum, others
83,241Ficus nitidaLaurel Fig, Chinese Banyan, others
93,178Magnolia grandifloraSouthern Magnolia, Samuel Sommer Magnolia, others
102,408Pittosporum undulatumVictorian Box