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Money may not grow on trees, but trees do grow on money!

Friends of the Urban Forest has planted more than 48,000 street trees in San Francisco in the past 33 years, all of them funded by people like you.  We’re grateful to have you as our partner.

We’re proud that 74% of each dollar we spend goes to our programs.  We work hard to earn your support and use it efficiently.

Please make a donation now, or consider any of the following options to ensure that San Francisco’s urban forest continues to grow and thrive.

Kneeling man giving woman a tree in front of a big heart symbolMembership

Become a member of Friends of the Urban Forest, and enjoy benefits such as shopping discounts.

Tree Tributes

Make a Tree Tribute dedicated to a friend, loved one or colleague, and we’ll plant a tree in honor or memory of that person.

Planned Giving

By including FUF as a beneficiary of your will, trust, or other estate plan, you’ll ensure the preservation and expansion of San Francisco’s urban forest for generations to come.  A Forest Forever is the name of our planned giving program.

Donate to the Community Thrift Store

The non-profit Community Thrift Store (623 Valencia Street, San Francisco, tel. 415-861-4910) contributes a percentage of sales to non-profit organizations.  When you donate used clothing, housewares and other items to the store, you can specify that Friends of the Urban Forest should benefit from those sales (we’re “account #241”).

Donate a Vehicle

When you donate your old car, truck, or other unwanted vehicle, Friends of the Urban Forest benefits, and you qualify for a tax deduction.  The Vehicle Donation Processing Center will pick it up whether it’s running or not, and handle all the paperwork.

Donate Appreciated Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock are tax deductible and are not subject to capital gains tax.  Let your broker know that you’d like to make a stock gift to Friends of the Urban Forest, and that shares may be transferred electronically to the following account:

Brokerage Firm: WellsTrade 800-872-3377
Account name: Friends of the Urban Forest (tax ID # 94-2699528)
Account Number: 17729545 DTC#0141

Please inform Brian Tsai, our data administrator, about the transaction so we can confirm receipt and acknowledge your gift properly.  You can reach him by phone at 415-268-0777 or by email with our contact form.

Thanks again to all of our supporters!

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