Youth Tree Care

Our Youth Tree Care program is one of the nation’s few paid urban forestry vocational skills training programs, with participants receiving a starting wage of $10.24 an hour and up to $11.79 per hour. The program provides at-risk youth ages 15-18 with a dynamic experience that prepares them for the “green” jobs market. Participants gain practical field experience complemented by classroom discussions and a workshop on resume/cover letter writing skills taught by the Jewish Vocational Service. More than 500 youth have benefited from the program since it started in 1995.

Youth Tree Care crewThe fall session runs from September through December; the Spring session runs from February through May; and our two consecutive summer sessions run one month each, from June through August.

Participants learn basic biology, botany and the art of tree pruning through classroom discussions and field work throughout the city. They also spend at least one Saturday each session planting trees at one of our Neighborhood Tree Plantings, which gives them an opportunity to work side-by-side with volunteers while sharing their new knowledge of trees.

The program is made possible by partnerships between Friends of the Urban Forest, Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, Jewish Vocational Services, Hunters Point Family and high schools throughout San Francisco.

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