Our planting programs and services make it easy for individuals, neighborhood groups and schools throughout San Francisco to get street trees and sidewalk gardens.

Neighborhood Tree Planting

Friends of the Urban Forest organizes communities to plants street trees in San Francisco, and manages related tasks such as the removal of concrete to prepare planting sites. Get more information OR go directly to the required Tree Planting Forms.

Tree Replacement

FUF plants street trees in pre-existing tree basins in which the previous tree has died. (more…)

People standing next to a newly planted street tree

New street tree in Potrero Hill, June 2009

Sidewalk Landscaping

FUF helps property owners install sidewalk gardens around street trees or in locations in which street trees cannot be planted. (more…)

Trees for Schools

In partnership with government agencies and civic organizations, FUF plants new trees in and around San Francisco schools. (more…)

Want information about planting a tree on your own? We provide extensive guidance here.

Interested in volunteering for a planting? See our Volunteer page to find out how you can help.

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