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We’re glad you’re interested in planting a tree with FUF. All you need to do is fill out our brief online application and send us a copy of a completed San Francisco Public Works Tree Planting Permit Application, and you will be on our list for a tree.

    1. Fill out the FUF online form, which entitles you to a free no-obligation site visit. Or if you prefer to print out the form, you can use this PDF instead. We will confirm with you before any planting takes place.
    2. Next, please fill out the San Francisco Public Works Tree Planting Application. Please email this to or print and mail it to FUF, 1007 General Kennedy Ave Ste 1, San Francisco CA, 94129. You do not need to send it also to Public Works. If you already have a permit from San Francisco Public Works, you can send us a copy of that instead.

Our Urban Tree Species Directory will give you an idea of the types of trees we plant across the city. If you do not know what species you would like yet, just select “Not Sure” or “Other” on the forms and we will help you out later. For species selection on the city form, you can select “Other” and write in “FUF planting” if you have not yet chosen your species.

You can learn more about tree planting with FUF on our Neighborhood Tree Planting page.

If you have any questions, please contact Jasmine by phone at 415-268-0772 or by email with our contact form.

After the forms are submitted, we will be in touch regarding next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I’m not sure what type of tree I want?
A. You can leave that part of the forms blank.  One of our arborists will discuss the options with you.

Q. What if I have an existing tree or a stump in the location where I want a new tree?
A. You must have it removed before we can plant.

Q. Am I making a financial commitment by submitting these forms?  What if I change my mind?
A. You can withdraw your application, and owe nothing, by sending an email message to the planting manager up to two weeks before the scheduled planting date.

Q. When should I send in payment?
A. We’ll send you an invoice when payment is due.

Q. I’m a renter; can I submit the forms?
A. Someone other than the property owner can complete and submit the “Downloadable Forms”, and can be identified as the caretaker of the tree, but the property owner must sign the forms. Only the property owner or legal agent is authorized to fill out the “Electronic Forms.”

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