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Friends of the Urban Forest is currently looking for someone to join our dynamic team. Our non-profit organization seeks those with a background in arboriculture/horticulture who also want to be engaged with volunteers to achieve large, community-based greening projects in San Francisco.

Open Job:

Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) is a community-based non-profit that provides funding to subsidize approximately 75% of the costs for any property owner in San Francisco to plant a street tree or sidewalk garden in front of their property. To date, FUF has planted over 49,000 trees in SF during engaging and fun community plantings. Currently, FUF has two Community Tree Plantings per month and one Neighborhood Sidewalk Garden planting per month.

In the weeks and months leading up to those plantings, our Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator works hard to get the word out in each upcoming neighborhood that this funding exists and find as many people as possible in that neighborhood who are interested in getting a tree or garden in front of their home.

The Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator uses a “checklist” matrix of grassroots and digital outreach techniques to try to inspire people to sign up. Some of these techniques include: identifying and working with volunteer Neighborhood Organizers, canvassing, tabling, attending community meetings, and social media networking.

The Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator also handles inbound requests for new trees/gardens. They answer questions and get people lined up for upcoming plantings by converting them from intrested to actually signing-up to be a part of a Community Planting. In addition to coordinating with property owners for new greening, they also work with individuals and groups to be our volunteers during Community Plantings, Tree Care activities and Sidewalk Garden installations. Since FUF relies heavily on volunteers for all aspects of its work, maintaining relationships with existing volunteers is vital.


  • Directly relevant previous community outreach, volunteer coordination or sales experience
  • Able to work some nights and weekends when outreach is more effective
  • Able to transport around the city and work in every neighborhood in San Francisco throughout the year
  • Engaging, outgoing and charismatic speaker
  • Strong 1-on-1 relationship builder
  • Highly organized


  • Multi-lingual
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management tools or databases i.e. Salesforce
  • Experience in grassroots campaigns
  • Knowledge of environmental issues
  • Experience with email blast applications i.e. Mailchimp, Salsa, NaitionBuilder etc
  • BA in Communications, Political Science or other relevant field
  • Pre-existing network in San Francisco that could be used to effectively spread the word

Responsibilities include:

I. Grassroots Outreach with neighbors and college interns ~ 50%

Approximately 25% of the job is designed to take place out of the office and in the San Francisco neighborhoods for upcoming tree plantings and Sidewalk Garden Installations. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing 30+ concurrent community-based outreach campaigns in SF
  • Outreach in various communities to create demand for tree planting projects
  • Meeting for coffee or lunch with current or prospective Neighborhood Organizers
  • Public speaking at Neighborhood Association meetings
  • Door to door canvassing with residents and interns
  • Tabling at Farmer’s Markets, merchants, and events
  • Distributing and collecting promotional yard signs in neighborhoods with upcoming plantings
  • Creating neighborhood specific materials for outreach
  • Using email blast to drum up tree planting excitement
  • Co-Managing 3 annual intern programs and training them in outreach techniques
  • Creating planting calendar and assigning neighborhoods to planting dates

II. Inbound Response for Potential Planters 20% of time

  • Taking inquiries generated from outreach
  • Converting interest into program participants
  • Databasing new leads
  • Clearly articulating planting/volunteer process
  • Creating and adhering to schedule of reminders via email/phone around deadlines
  • Fielding inquiries regarding sidewalk landscaping and replacements, passing off to appropriate person when needed.

III. Volunteer Coordination 20% of time

  • Sending out eblast for new volunteer opportunities
  • Working with corporate groups to plug them into existing events
  • Finding new volunteers and groups
  • Coordinating with Planting and Tree Care Managers around their specific needs
  • Making volunteers feel appreciated with annual volunteer celebration party
  • Updating external online venues for volunteer participation and seeking out new ways to get volunteers.

IV. Day of Planting Coordination 10% of time

  • Greet and welcome volunteers
  • Sign them in and assign them a group for the day
  • Help set up and break down volunteer sign in area

Hours & Compensation: Full-time, including some evening and weekend hours

Salary: 38,500 – 41,000 DOE

Benefits: Dental, Vision, Health Care

To Apply: Send an email (Subject line: Job: Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator) with your resume and a BRIEF cover letter to: Phil Pierce

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